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Welcome to Xtreme Tire Co.

If you are looking for sand tires; paddle tires for your sand car, sand rail, dune buggy, jeep, truck or whatever you may have that uses a 15" or 17" wheel; you have come to the right place.
Xtreme Tire Co located in Phoenix, AZ has been providing sand tires; paddle tires for over 13 years.
Our MADE IN THE USA sand tires; paddle tires are sold throughout the world.  
We offer five different front sand tires and ten different rear paddle tires.
Just click on the name of the tire above that you would like more information on
to view the specs.

If you need any further assistance choosing the best sand tire; paddle tire for your application just
give us a call at 602 652-0323.  We are happy to help!


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